What I Watch When I’m not Doing SEO Using a Projector Screen Calculator

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When I’m not doing SEO, I often watch something on my TV. I’m a big fan of the History channel show Vikings and Forged in Fire. I usually enjoy the show on my Samsung smart TV with smart hub remote. Lately however, I’ve been looking into building a home theater and at home projectors and projector information. I use a projector screen calculator to get the correct throw distance and optimized screen size based off of that for my potential setup. I haven’t bought one yet, but doing the homework on the correct Lambert’s, viewing distance, and throw distance is a great help in choosing the right projector and screen. Plus there is a great deal of info on projector accessories and projector gear.  I’d like to watch some playoff hockey too to cap it off on a nice home theater projection setup. I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.

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